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According to the opinions of 3 experts, the average 12-month price prediction for XRP is $0.5, with a low target of $0.37 and a high target of $1. On average, the experts at Crypto Telegraf rate XRP as a Buy.

(Updated on June 21, 2023)
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#XRP weekly chart about to explode. You had 13 months to buy below $0.50.


This statement is discussing the weekly chart of XRP, a cryptocurrency, and suggests that it is about to experience a significant increase in value. The author notes that there was a 13-month period during which investors could have purchased XRP for less than $0.50 per unit. The summary for investors is that XRP may be a good investment opportunity, as its value is expected to increase.


Request 02 – $XRP Showing strength and that’s usually a signal for #altcoins to show strength as well. Now, stuck in a range. Primarily focused for entries at $0.455-0.48. If we break and flip $0.53, I think we’ll see the next impulse move.


The author notes that XRP is currently showing strength, which is often a positive sign for other alternative cryptocurrencies. However, XRP is currently stuck in a range and the author suggests looking for entry points at $0.455-0.48. The author also believes that if XRP is able to break and surpass $0.53, it will likely experience a significant upward movement.


I’ve been buying a bunch more $XRP ~ $0.37.Gib $1


The trader purchased more XRP at a price of $0.37 and set their sights on a target of $1.

Technical Analysis

Moving Average (MA)
Relative Strength Index (RSI)

4 Hours

XRP is currently bearish on the four-hour time frame with a downward sloping 50 day moving average. However, the 200 day moving average has been sloping up since 2023/6/17, indicating a strong bullish trend.

1 Day

The 1 day time frame for XRP is currently showing a bullish trend with the 50 day and 200 day moving averages sloping up. The 50 day moving average could act as a support for the next interaction with XRP's price, while the 200 day moving average has been sloping up since 2023/5/23, indicating a strong trend. If the price interacts with the 200 day moving average again, it could potentially be used as a support to continue the trend. However, if we were to give a price prediction for XRP on the 1 day time frame, it would be bearish due to the bullish nature of the moving averages.
The RSI is currently in the neutral zone, indicating a neutral trend with the potential for it to continue. There is no indication of a price reversal in the last 14 candles, as there is no bearish or bullish divergence.

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People Also Ask

Yes, it will. In December 2020, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs, the company behind the XRP cryptocurrency. According to the SEC, Ripple sold unregistered securities and illegally raised $1.8 billion through the sale of XRP tokens. The Ripple/SEC lawsuit has become one of the most significant conflicts between a cryptocurrency company and a regulatory agency. After more than a year of court hearings and motions, the case seems to have reached a critical juncture and will likely affect the price of XRP.

According to the analysis by Crypto telegraf’s researchers, it is possible for XRP to reach $1. Compared to its all-time high price, the current price is still relatively low.

Yes, XRP has been in circulation for over 10 years and is currently trading at a low price.

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