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According to the opinions of 3 experts, the average 12-month price prediction for BNB is $350, with a low target of $25 and a high target of $1,000. On average, the experts at Crypto Telegraf rate BNB as a Buy.

(Updated on June 20, 2023)
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Waiting for #bnb to hit 350$


This statement predicts that the value of Binance Coin (BNB) will increase to $350. As an investment summary, it implies that the person making the statement has a positive outlook on BNB and recommends buying or holding it until it reaches the predicted value.


Just bought 60 #BNB and I’m confident it’ll hit $1,000 soon.


This statement expresses confidence that 60 units of BNB have been recently purchased and will soon increase in value to $1,000. It could be seen as an opportunity for potential investors who are interested in investing in BNB and taking advantage of its potential growth.


Long term i think binance is solid.but short term the fud and overall view of market makes me think it drops alot lower…will be leaving stink bids in around 25-30 area for $BNB just incase..may not get but crypto being crypto, nothing is impossible


The paragraph advises caution when investing in Binance’s BNB due to potential short-term market drops. The author plans to place low bids in the $25-30 range as a precaution. Investors should consider both short-term and long-term factors before making investment decisions.

Technical Analysis

Moving Average (MA)
Relative Strength Index (RSI)


4 Hours

The four-hour time frame shows a bullish trend for BNB, with the 50 day moving average trending upwards. However, the 200 day moving average has been sloping downwards since 2023/6/15, indicating a weak trend.

1 Day

The 1 day time frame for BNB shows a bearish trend with the 50 day moving average sloping down and potentially acting as resistance in the future. The 200 day moving average has also been sloping down since 2023/5/21, indicating a weak trend. If the price interacts with the 200 daily moving average again, it could potentially continue the trend. Based on these trends, a BNB price prediction for the 1 day time frame would be bearish.
The RSI is in a neutral zone between 30-70, suggesting a neutral price trend that may continue for some time. There is no indication of a price reversal in the last 14 candles, with no bearish or bullish divergence present.

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People Also Ask

It is difficult to predict the exact price movement of BNB cryptocurrency in the near future. However, with the increasing adoption of Binance exchange and its services, it is likely that the demand for BNB will increase, leading to a rise in its price.

Currently, Binance.US and the SEC have reached an agreement, but with the arrival of regulatory scrutiny in the cryptocurrency industry, there is a possibility that the price of BNB may be impacted.

Holding BNB can provide users with discounted trading fees on the Binance exchange, as well as access to exclusive features such as Binance Launchpad and Binance DEX. Additionally, Binance periodically burns a portion of the BNB supply, which can increase the value of remaining BNB tokens.

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